The Best Team Leaders methodology has been in place since 2012 for the assessment of the best team leaders and has provided the grounds for the annual ranking.

The rank is the result of the formal registration of professionals, who apply for an assessment and comparison with other applicants from many organisations in all business areas.

Your company may now also implement the Best Team Leaders methodology.

1- This study aims at assessing team leaders in your company.

2- It is based on the answers provided by the members of the teams under the manager being assessed.

3- Questionnaires with approximately 70 questions are sent out to the members of each applicant’s team.

4- The answers shall be kept confidential.

5- The team members may make comments and suggestions.

(Our consultants follow the entire assessment process from the beginning to the end, on the date of delivery of the reports and conclusions.)

All candidates, and the company, receive a final, detailed report, with their personal and comparative assessment and suggestions for improvement made by expert consultants. The winners receive the right to use the specific “Best Team Leader” logo for the organisation concerned, valid for one year.

Furthermore, our team may also prepare a unique award ceremony, in or outside of the organisation, creating an environment similar to that of the annual public presentation of the national ranking. The winners in the organisations will also be acknowledged at a special country ceremony.

If you want to invest in your organisation’s senior managers, this is the way to go: REVIEW, IMPROVE, ACKNOWLEDGE.

Request your Best Team Leader application from your organisation now.

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