The project’s methodology was developed in two stages. In the first stage, in depth research was conducted, which included literature search and research into similar projects from other countries. In the second stage, a group of human resource experts were invited to give their input in view of adjusting the model to the Portuguese reality. Their invaluable contributions enabled the model to assess the skills and personal characteristics which these experts believe a team leader in Portugal should have.

Therefore, the adopted model characterises the leader in the following areas:

  • Development and performance of the members of his team.
  • Development and performance of the team.
  • Development and performance of the company of which they are a part.

These dimensions combine the leader’s skills, i.e. what the manager puts into practice as the team leader. This measures, among other things, the motivation that the manager conveys to his team, how he fosters communication in his team and how he communicates the organisation’s vision. However, how the leader puts all of this into practice is equally important, so the assessment of the leaders’ personal characteristics is also an integral part of the model adopted. Under this dimension, features like authenticity, integrity, flexibility, resilience and courage, among others, are assessed.

The leader’s assessment in the four aforementioned dimensions (employees, team, organisation and personal characteristics) is conducted by the members of his team.


The recipients of the study are the direct managers (team leaders with at least five people reporting directly to them) and second level senior managers (team leaders with at least ten people reporting directly or indirectly to them).

The process begins with the leaders’ applications, which can be submitted by the organisations on their behalf, or by the individuals themselves with the permission of the relevant organisation.

Following the formalisation of the registration, a list of employees who in the last 6 months, at least, reported directly or indirectly to the applicants is required, to include them in the base survey of the team leaders’ assessment study.

Next, each team member is kindly requested to complete a questionnaire with over 60 features for assessment, based on their perceptions of their leader. The questionnaire is sent to the respondents via email; the confidentiality of individual answers is guaranteed.

After the questionnaires have been answered, they are processed and each applicant’s final score is calculated on the basis of the weighted average of the questionnaires’ replies regarding the applicant concerned (on a scale of 0-100).

The prizes are awarded according to the results obtained. The Best Team Leaders are ranked in descending order of the total score. Applicants with less than 5 questionnaires answered and/or response rate below 70% are not included in the final ranking.

Each applicant receives an individual electronic report on each category of the study’s dimensions, and a benchmark of the overall results and recommendations for improvement.